Events & Promos

Check out what's new at our restaurants.

Fresh Pastas Daily

Try more like our Fusilli all’Americana con Burrata. 

Mini Pizzas

Introducing our Pizzette! Mix & match for P520.

Burrata Gelato Soft Serve

Beat the heat with our famous soft serve.

New Raspadura Menu

Grana Padano Cheese freshly shaved tableside.

New Donburi from Ramen Ron

Four flavors to satisfy your rice bowl cravings.

Chef Collaboration

An exciting partnership with one of Asia’s best.

Beat the Heat

With a bowl of our cold Hiyashi Goma Ramen.

OG Ramens

Drop by for some of our famous bowls.

The Finale

Vanilla & Strawberry Millefeuille

The Starters

Onion Flower & Dad’s Basketball Sauce

The Details

Explore more of our interiors.

The Main Event

How do you like your steak?